Install Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash) on Linux ARM Device

Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash)

Pi-apps terminal is a script that lets you use pi-apps from the terminal, its written in bash.
It has all the commands you will ever need:
'install' - install a app available in pi-apps.
'remove' - uninstall a app installed by pi-apps (uninstall also works).
'multi-install' - install multiple apps.
'multi-remove' - uninstall multiple apps (multi-uninstall also works).
'list-all' - list all the apps in pi-apps (note that this will also list apps that are not available for your OS).
'list-installed' - list all the apps installed by pi-apps.
'list-uninstalled' - list all the uninstalled apps.
'list-corrupted' - list all the corrupted apps.
'search' - usage: search "search-term". search a app available in pi-apps (note that this will show results from the description of the 'apps as well as their name).
'website' - usage: website "app-name". print the website of a app available in pi-apps.
'update' - update all pi-apps components.
'update-apps' - update all pi-apps apps only.
'gui' - launch pi-apps regularly.

and it makes life easier by eliminating the use of quotes for apps with a space in their name (unless you are using 'multi-install' or 'multi-uninstall').

Fortunately, Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash) is very easy to install on your Linux ARM Device in just two steps.

  1. Install Pi-Apps - the best app installer for Linux ARM Device.
  2. Use Pi-Apps to install Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash).


For the best chance of this working, we recommend using the latest LTS of Ubuntu or Debian from your hardware manufacturer.
Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash) will run on either an Ubuntu/Debian ARM32 OS or ARM64 OS.

Install Pi-Apps

Pi-Apps is a free tool that makes it incredibly easy to install the most useful programs on your Linux ARM Device with just a few clicks.

Open a terminal and run this command to install Pi-Apps:

wget -qO- | bash

Feel free to check out the Pi-Apps source code here:

Install Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash)

Now that you have Pi-Apps installed, it is time to install Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash).
First launch Pi-Apps from your start menu:

Then click on the Tools category.

Now scroll down to find Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash) in the list.

Just click Install and Pi-Apps will install Pi-Apps Terminal Plugin (bash) for you!

Pi-Apps is a free and open source tool made by Botspot and other contributors. Find out more at