About Pi-Apps

What is Pi-Apps?

Let's be honest: Linux is harder to master than Windows. Sometimes it's not user-friendly, and following an outdated or poorly written tutorial may break your device's operating system.
There is no centralized software repository, except for the apt repositories which lack many desktop applications.
Surely there is a better way! There is.
Introducing Pi-Apps, a well-maintained collection of app installation-scripts that you can run with one click.

Pi-Apps now serves over 1,000,000 people and hosts over 200 apps.

Where do the apps come from?

It depends! Some application binaries come directly from their official developer and pi-apps only has to provide a simple install/uninstall script (eg: Arduino, btop++, System Monitoring Center, GitHub CLI, etc). Others are custom built and/or ported to ARM Linux by pi-apps developers and contributors (eg: GitHub Desktop, Minecraft Java Prism/GDLauncher/MultiMC/Lunar Client, Balena Etcher, MuseScore 4, etc).

Who wrote Pi-Apps?

Pi-Apps's main developers are GitHub users Botspot and theofficialgman. Itai-Nelken is also an additional maintainer. Pi-Apps has many other contributors, you can find them listed below sorted by number of commits contributed to the Pi-Apps.