Install Sysmon on Nintendo Switch


Monitor your Raspberry Pi using a web browser on another computer.
This is a background service that hosts a website at <your Pi's IP address>:6969. Using any computer on your local network, you can go to that website and view many useful statistics. (And some useless ones too)

For testing purposes, you can look at the website from the Pi itself by launching Chromium browser and going to http://localhost:6969

As mentioned earlier, the website is only visible to computers in the local network.

Fortunately, Sysmon is very easy to install on your Nintendo Switch in just two steps.

  1. Install Pi-Apps - the best app installer for Nintendo Switch.
  2. Use Pi-Apps to install Sysmon.


For the best chance of this working, we recommend using the latest version of Switchroot L4T Ubuntu, which is currently version 5.1.0 Ubuntu Bionic.
Sysmon will run on L4T Ubuntu ARM64.

Install Pi-Apps

Pi-Apps is a free tool that makes it incredibly easy to install the most useful programs on your Nintendo Switch with just a few clicks.

Open a terminal and run this command to install Pi-Apps:

wget -qO- | bash

Feel free to check out the Pi-Apps source code here:

Install Sysmon

Now that you have Pi-Apps installed, it is time to install Sysmon.
First launch Pi-Apps from your start menu:

Then click on the System Management category.

Now scroll down to find Sysmon in the list.

Just click Install and Pi-Apps will install Sysmon for you!

Pi-Apps is a free and open source tool made by Botspot and other contributors. Find out more at